the moment captured
the brand captured
the message captured
"Mr. DeSoto captures the core, the essence of whatever he is shooting! I use him to get my persona across, my message, my brand. His eye is not only rare but is so precise. I can't thank him enough for helping me show the world what I am all about, visually!"
- Hanro studios
"We are very thankful for the time and energy Mr. DeSoto puts into helping us with our work. He captures the moment in a way that others often miss!"
- Make A Wish
"Some of the Sickest Shots we have ever used! Thank you Mr. DeSoto for shooting our gear and making it rock."
- 11 Bravos
"Mr. DeSoto shoots some awesome pics of our food. Don't know how he does it but.. Our food always looks delicious and tantalizing! "
- Whiskey Rose
"Mr. DeSoto shoots our events, our business, our staff and our clients. We love how the moment is caught in such a rare manner! We love it when he comes by and gives us ammo to compete on social media with!"
- sky Zone
"We use Mr. DeSoto for our staff, our properties and our events! He shoots what he sees and what he sees is always what we are wanting to remember! ."
- Remax preferred choice