What clients say about us

Hanro Stuidos

“When you want the image to reflect your soul - Mr. DeSoto does that..”

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Make A Wish

“Mr. Desoto Engages emotion and does so with honest intention. We love having him partner with us.”

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Phoenix Childrens Hospital

“Mr. DeSoto is our go to guy when we need photos that speak to our mission.”

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Tim sparkes Die Hard

“Mr. DeSoto captures the soul.”

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Church on the streets

“Yes donations are real, he has blessed us with things like new beds, bibles, clothes and health items.”

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Glendale PD

“Mr. DeSoto captures our image, our passion and reflects it to our community. ”

5 of 5 stars

We create beautiful products so you can share a passion for helping others

About us

We have a passion for helping people with our love for creating images that give back in a real way.

Our store

Every purchase in our store goes to help the less fortunate via our licensed 501c3.

Contact us

Reach out. We are always interested in custom projects and events that help those in need.

Life is to short to not contribute in a way that helps others

Several years ago I came to a place where my life was in question. A medical event that made me wonder what the rest of my existence may look like.

It was at that point that I decided to cherish moments. To spend my time doing what I love and helping others.

Mr. DeSoto Artography was born.

About us

We have a passion for helping people with our love for creating images that give back.

Every product helps the less fortunate in a big way.


Some of our hard numbers

Reason why we help people.

We believe that there is a moral responsibility to be loving especially when people don't have it on a regular basis.

Photos taken

We photograph objects everywhere we go. Everything from buildings to buffalos. The trick is how we capture the moments.

Meals Given

With the help of many loving people we have feed hundreds of people.


We are all issued the same amount of time. This is how we want to spend ours.


Mr. DeSoto makes a great living consulting businesses who want to grow. This keeps this process lean.

of Profit

We use every penny of gross profit to help others with items like food, hygiene and other basic supplies.

commercial projects

We are available for private photography projects that will help you with your mission.

We are honored to have worked with companies like Pure Flix, Hanro Studios, Make A Wish, Phoenix Children's Hospital 11 Bravos and leatherneck 4 Life


Our store perks


Mr. DeSoto has an impeccable skill set that will enlighten your business efforts ten fold. He certainly understands people in a truly unique fashion.

William Stanton | Hilton

Mr. DeSoto has taken my brand to the next level.

Hanro Studios

Mr. DeSoto made our product stand out. Period.

11 Bravo
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