Our story...

We are a couple guys that love photography!

How it all began

Sergio DeSoto has been in the creative industry for 20 years. He built a patented software system using photography on a commercial scale but never ventured off that platform. That is until he had a life changing event. In 2014 Sergio experienced a brain tumor. This event changed his perspective on life.

Things changed for the better, Sergio felt a need to help people and make his life mean something. This included using a camera to capture things that touched his soul. Homeless people were on the top of that list. He wanted to share their stories and help. Thus the creation of this project coupled with YHOH an Arizona 501c3. All proceeds from his photography efforts go directly to helping the less fortunate.


"Thank you so much!!! These are great! I will pass the link along to attendees! I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your covering the event for us. Hopefully we can do it again next year!!!"

- Poppy Behrens | Publisher | MINICO PUBLISHING
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Things that matter...

Oh the lessons learned and the things we take for granted. Sergio focuses on using the camera to bring attention and perspective to things that are often missed and more importantly the things / people that do matter.

This includes spending time with his son Asher who is also an avid fan of clicking the shutter. They both have a desire to share their passion with the world via a captured image resulting in very cool prints that generate money to help others out.

Thank you for stopping by, we are thankful you did! 

For Hire...

Mr. DeSoto does professional commercial shoots with 100% of the proceeds going to a real non profit. If you would like to hire Mr. DeSoto Artography please let us know! 

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