Some may say that photographing this site is uncalled for and in itself disrespectful. To which I completely understand. I did it because I frequently document the abandoned and felt that a proper capturing of the state of this beautiful property consisting of someone's dreams and hopes be shown for what it is today.I also spend a moment praying for the family, that they are at peace in the house of the man upstairs now. Many have destroyed the inner quarters, the portals and anything else you can imagine, the beauty of this property is damaged on so many levels. It is quite heartbreaking to be quite honest. 

When photographing an abandoned building, I always take a step back and visualize what it was like at the inception. A dream, a beautiful dream in a home that most of us will never be able to afford has been lost. When put into perspective. Money has no merit here. The worst possible thing happened in a mansion of sorts. It's amazing how the core of life cares nothing about your possessions.

There is not much on the internet regarding the truth surrounding this 1.2 Million dollar homes abandonment and decrepit state. However, speak with any teenager in the area and they all have the same story. Father had murdered his children, his wife and then committed suicide.After some research, a friend on Facebook sent me some information that tends to be lacking on the net. David Lamar Anthony murdered his wife and step children in the home, Danielle (14) and Richard (12). The court documents state that Danielle was telling neighbors about David molesting her before her death.
“Police investigators found blood traceable to Donna, Danielle and Richard in and around the home, including the master bedroom wall, a concrete slab under the carpet of the office, the doorframe of Danielle’s bedroom, Danielle’s bed, Richard’s bed, and on the bed-liner of Donna’s pickup truck.”—
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September 15, 2017
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