This is a tough one; this old man was purposely delivered to the shelter by his daughter. He was abandoned with no money, no ID, and no medication.I met Don and learned that he is a veteran, served in the Army and was self-employed.

He got sick shortly after that and passed away. The irony is the day after, the daughter came and gathered his things. I have no idea why this happened the way it did, and I am sure the daughter has a side that is worth hearing. 

At least that is what I hoped for.  This life is crazy, and the things that happen can seem unreal and unreasonable. Some how, some way there always seems to be justification in a person's mind for their actions. Whether or not the rest of the world agrees is the unknown question in this case. 

My heart broke for Don and my prayers went out to his daughter. 

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January 2, 2018
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