It is my mission in this life to do two things beyond exceptional. One is to help people understand that being a Christian is not a religious undertaking and the other is to incite a new perspective based approach to living. I met Willy early one morning while visiting Carlos Rivas ( an amazing street artist ) who was living in South Phoenix near the Monarch Theatre .

Willy has been homeless for some time, so much so that his appearance was so rough that most would not take the time to even look at him. The beautiful thing about having relationships in this world is that you are introduced simply as if you were meeting someone at work. Carlos introduced me to Willy. Willy served in the US Army and is a decorated veteran but what makes him unique is his faith.

You see, Willy was completely sober, smiles from ear to ear and spends his time sharing the Gospel with others on the street. He loves God and it shows, more so than many you may encounter in a real church. Willy's bible was battered and torn, old and wrinkled , used to the extreme and it showed. It showed in a phenomenal way.  One of the hardest things to explain to people that are not fond of this Jesus thing is that when you meet someone who has this massively peaceful existence and hope. It is almost indescribable. I have to be honest, I rarely see this in the church we attend. It makes my heart break on one hand, on the other it makes my heart smile.

Willy has something figured out that most of us may never solve. His faith pays off daily, his rest, his meals, his relationships and his waking up he gives thanks for passionately . For those of us that have more than what we need, we are the ones I feels sorry for.

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March 6, 2018
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