Meet Tim Sparkes

Several years ago I slipped into a place where work overtook my ability to take care of myself.

Meet Tim Sparkes

Meet Tim Sparkes

Sometimes you need professional help.

Several years ago I slipped into a place where work overtook my ability to take care of myself. I gained a massive amount of weight and became sick. I knew I needed to do something, something drastic but had no idea where to start.

The first step for me was visiting a Dr. who analyzed my hormones and got me started on a road that certainly was not easy.

The second round was exercise. Ha! I had no idea what that looked like after years of neglecting my previous experiences. I had forgotten what it took to be lean and healthy. I met Tim Sparkes via a client of mine who worked out with him frequently.  Tim owns Die Hard Gym and Fitness, a gym that makes mountainside look like a resort.

I will never forget my first encounter ( training session ) with Tim. I arrived at Die Hard at 7:00 am, was weighed, measured, calipers drawn and documented. The reality of where I was at hit me like a ton of bricks. Then I was handed two dumb bells and told to start lunging!

Fast forward a few years and the story is simply worth sharing.

  1. I lost over 80lbs
  2. I felt great.
  3. My son lost 90lbs
  4. My son started powerlifting and breaking / setting records
  5. I started power lifting with a few awards hanging on the wall.

Then the tumor hit. It's hard to explain, but my life seemed to be put on hold for a couple of years, I lost a lot and was blessed a lot, but as it relates to my health, I did not pick up a weight or move productively for two years after the life-changing surgery.

The moment I walked into Die Hard Gym and asked for Tim's help, it was like coming home from a long trip and seeing an old relative. Tim got me back on track like we left off yesterday. For this, I am very grateful.

This morning I picked up 400lbs and left the Gym smiling, it is severely lighter than before the tumor, but I know without a doubt, that with Tim Sparkes in my corner, the best is yet to come.  

There are very few things in this world that impact your life ongoing and leave memories that last forever with a few added bonuses...

Friendships with fellow gym mates that are irreplaceable. ( Myron, Randa, Marke, Mike, Jessie, Tracy, Malinda, Tom, Alex, Sean, Clay, Heather, Lyle, Kenny to name a few.. )

Tim is one of those rare things in my life that has done both....

Thank You Tim.

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