The one thing Christianity is missing!

Christianly today is not right and we need to understand why.

The one thing Christianity is missing!

The one thing Christianity is missing!

The one thing Christianity is missing.

The one thing, there is always that one thing right? A critical eye is nothing new in the realm of religion, yet in this case if what I am about to disclose is in my humble opinion, vital to the whole system in which so many partake. I think an open mind to the subject is a nominal request. Don't you agree?

We are talking about a subject when taken at its core has the power to determine the eternal fate of human beings based on a few key doctrinal positions. Doctrinal positions which I will get into in a future post, don't worry, this one applies to any denominational systematic regardless of wether you accepted Christ on your own accord or God picked you out of a barrel.

This system of religion that we as a majority deem as foundational correct. It's not and here's why.

Religion as a whole, with a focus on the church system all fall into unbiblical alignment in a myriad of different ways. The system itself is nowhere close to what the Bible describes and I believe it boils down to a key perspective on what the Bible is and how it is reiterated.

The systematic teaching of God's word ( another church logic fail ) is taught with a fantasy based foundation vs one exclusively based on reality. I think as humans that are so separated from the actual events of the Bible as well as a history book based cultural insight. It is human nature to elevate the things that we read about in the Bible into a fantasy state, we paint a picture of these events be out there somewhere vs real.

Now there is always a catch to church logic, a defense of positioning and interoperation, so I can hear people responding to the last sentence somewhere close to this.

What to you mean, we believe that's real. Do you now? Or do you believe the fantasy is real vs it was a real event written in a perspective that you are not familiar with? Take for example Acts 10:10-16 where Peter has a vision about all the stuff that is not ok to eat, he has a conversation with God and God tell him it's ok to go kill and eat it. Then a some guys who are not ok to hang out with knock on the door and Peter sits back, scratches his head and says. I got it. I get it. It's ok to go with these guys. I got it!

When we read passages like this one we imagine a paranormal experience. Something magical and outside of the realm in which we exist today, yet, haven't you ever had an I got it moment? Is it not possible that we are shortcutting God by not giving him the credit and imaging writing something like that down today to be ready by people in 2000 years?

This is just one example, the reality of the Cross. The reality of what that Cross bought you and the reality of what the desired response is.

The reality of the original sin, the reality of the engagement and the reality of the what the church should look like are all being quietly pushed aside to allow for this fanatical systemology that the modern church system has in place today is really, in reality no where close to what the Bible describes.

This is a complex topic and as I said in the original post on this site, I'm not a professional writer. This perspective is the whole reason I even built this page and I promise to elaborate further on this topic. That being said, please entertain this idea.

Read your bible as from the perspective of reality. Take what you see today in the way humans engage, how things work from a logical and human nature based positioning and the stories will come to life for you in a way that you may not have already experienced.

We have remember.

Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

If we say we are believers we can't neglect the fact that the way we engage today as it relates to healthy engagement and positive behavioral norms is in fact his handy work. Right? 

We also can't forget that given the time the Bible was written people saw the same world we do in a different light, none the less it is the same world with the same thing that has always been there. Humans.

There is only one reality, and if you're a believer it is by His hands. Any other perspective is false. Something to chew on.


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