What was the original sin.. Really?

What was the original sin.. Really?

What was the original sin.. Really?

What was the original sin.. Really?

What really happened in the garden.

The Original Sin

What a topic to delve into right! I think it is the biggest misnomer in the world of theological enlightenment today. I literally just read a post by Matt Chandler on the subject, ( click here ) just to verify my logic and not only was I right ( about his thinking ) the subtle core of his message was to promote his denomination. A factor you see in most modern preachers agendas.

A couple things before we dig in. One, never take my word for anything. It's on you to do your own digging ( Acts 17:11 ). The second is simply this. Put on the goggles of reality when you read the Bible, ditch the fantasy glasses and think about everything you read as being real. Reality has not changed.

People may have different attributes based on time and location, but human nature is well, human nature and reality is well, reality. If that is not the case, toss out Gen 1:27. Got it? Good.

We have been taught that because Eve ate the apple we are all doomed to be evil. Yes, you have to do some scholastic digging into words and their meanings. I got ya. So what is a curse?

A curse is that which comes from God and binds a person or thing and prevents them from living a life of freedom and abundance. Curses come as a result of sin, that is, by rejecting God’s will. Every person today–especially Christians–can choose to live under the blessing or curse of God. By accepting His Son and walking by the Spirit, a person will reap life abundantly; by walking in sin, he will reap destruction, both in this life and the next. Click here

( disclaimer - I don't know who the above quote is and don/t endorse them - just liked the context of the quote ) 

Great, but what about the definition that has been taught. Imagine God with a wand and a robe pointing at the two and saying you are cursed, go be evil. Right?

Think about what this curse actually is and isn't. It is about what they don't have, won't feel, won't see vs what they will have and will become.

Modern preachers seam to miss the judicial point here. The apple tree was there, they were told no and they made a decision to partake. Yes, they chose to disobey. Meaning in itself that mankind was made with the ability to make decisions.

What was the real result of that choice. It boils down to them not being protected and becoming culpable or better yet, culpably responsible in every action. Period.

It's not about become horrible people, it is all about losing that protective covering and becoming responsible. Without that protective covering we are not in complete alignment with our maker. It is that simple.

Keep in mind even good people go to hell and people who are knuckleheads that make mistakes go to heaven. Right? So is it all about our actions? No. Ephesians 2:8–9

This gift that is referred to as the Gospel, is the most just gift in the world , it is the simple fact that we are able to humbly acknowledge who our maker is and believe it as a reality, whole heartedly, in turn living to make him proud. That simple with one small caveat, you have to be really real, in other words. You can't half heart it.

Think about it like this. Hypothetically of course but the logic fits so try it. Imagine being born today, deaf, mute, blind, nose is missing and you are crippled. You never heard, saw, touched, smelt or felt anything evil. Let alone lied about it. How much are you going to go sin? Honestly? You would have never had enough social input to make bad decisions.

Same thing, not literally but figuratively with Adam and Eve. They would have never recognized or accommodated or engaged anything wicked if they avoided the tree of.... Knowledge.  ( not the tree of evil doer, right ? ) That is right. They would have been perfect. But they were given the ability to choose and they opted not to listen, obey. The original sin wasn't eating the apple, it was the disobedience in choosing to eat it. Something to think about.

So what was the result? Now they have to decide on what accord or manner, they will conduct themselves. It's that simple. The "curse" is having to be responsible, behaviorally, emotionally and yes, spiritually responsible now.

Mentally culpable, accountable and yes responsible with the heart of truth in knowing God is real. The same stinking thing we as parents expect from our children. Being perfect, no? Motivation and decision making with the respect we mandate as parents are what we are after, coupled with a heart of sincere love and intention.  

Yes and btw we didn't event that model ( parenting ) either, something to think about.

It all boils down to personal responsibility and accountability, and if you ask me there is nothing that rivals that justice.

As it relates to being cursed, yeah, it is a huge curse not to be able live a life that you never have to be engaged with the darkness that the devil loves. To live a life without protection and having to deal with being a responsible God loving human. I am sure we all wish it was the other way around. But it's not.

Yes, we are all sinners and do bad stuff, not because God made us bad or cursed us to be evil. Remember he did not make Eve eat the apple. It's because we just had to have that position of self perceived authority and yes, a little selfishness ( Exodus 34:14 ) , we are getting what we asked for and now we have to own it. Oh and for those of you who lean on the side of ole Augustine. Think about the magnitude of personal responsibility that is now placed on the entirety of mankind , all due to the knowledge we now have coupled with decision making culpability.

Last but not least. Keep this in mind. The word sin means to fall short or in other words, miss the mark. Preachers often use this word to mean evil , decrepit or deprived. We all miss the mark but at our core are not necessarily evil.



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